For over 75 years the Mcold photoRobbie name has been associated with the civil construction industry in the Franklin area. The well respected family name is synonymous with honest, reliable, efficient service and innovation.

In the early 1900’s William Clark McRobbie came to Pokeno with his draught horse and purchased land. He brought dragline machine which was to be the start of McRobbie Contracting, William had five sons and in the early days the company focused on farming, roading and forestry work. The five sons took over from William and expanded the business by purchasing more machinery and trucks to allow the introduction of heavy haulage into their operation.

At the same time, one brother remained on the family dairy farm which was later converted into a sheep and beef farm and remains an active part of the family business today.

Upon retirement of their fathers and uncles, the next generation of sons, Peter and Ean McRobbie took over the business. They continued to update the fleet and cemented the companies reputation as one of the most competitive and efficient businesses in the region.

Peter and Eans sons were all involved in the operation from an early age.

Before officially joining the family business the boys independently earned their own qualifications in industry-related rates: plumbing, civil engineering and automatic mechanics.

In 2000 Peters three sonold trucks James, David and Andrew took over the business completely and formed McRobbie Bros Ltd. They continued to modernise the plant and machinery and extend the fleet. To this day the three McRobbie brothers remain highly committed to delivering the family values of high quality workmanship, reliability, honesty and innovation.